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We receive hundreds of letters, emails and messages each week. If you have tried to communicate with us in the past and we have not responded, we apologize, but given the volume of correspondence, it is simply not possible to answer everyone. However, in an effort to respond to as many inquiries as possible, we have prepared a list of the questions people ask us most frequently. If one of these doesn’t fully satisfy your curiosity, or if you still need to communicate with us, please use this contact link.

I sent an e-mail message to DEKA earlier this year and never received a response. Should I try again?

We receive many messages and letters from people throughout the U.S. and the world. Although we try to respond to most, the volume of correspondence is such that it’s just not possible to answer every one. We apologize for this and hope that you will be able to find answers to your questions here. If not, please feel free to contact us via email, phone (603.669.5139), or by sending a letter (DEKA R&D Corp., 340 Commercial St, Manchester, NH 03101) and we’ll do our best to respond.

Does DEKA accept or review ideas or inventions from sources outside of DEKA?

We are delighted that so many creative and innovative people throughout the world are willing to contribute ideas for improving quality of life. We are further delighted and quite frankly flattered that so many people would like to share their ideas with us. However, DEKA generally does not accept ideas for inventions, nor do we develop products that are not based on DEKA technologies.

How can I invest in DEKA; does DEKA have a stock exchange symbol?

DEKA is a privately held corporation, and is therefore not traded on any stock exchange. We also don’t solicit investors, so there are currently no opportunities for investment in DEKA. However, if you’d like to make an investment in the future of technology, the most effective thing you can do is make a donation to FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) or find a FIRST team to support.

Does DEKA allow visitors to tour your facility?

Not usually. Please remember that DEKA is a research and development company, and that our projects are confidential, so the stuff on our desks and in our engineering labs is not for public viewing. We have to prepare well in advance for visitors and this would be rather disruptive for the people who work here (and would probably make them pretty grouchy, too).

How do I contact Dean Kamen directly?

Unfortunately you cannot contact Dean directly. His schedule makes it impossible for him to read or respond personally to all the correspondence he receives. If you have a question, please send an email to and we will forward your message either to him or the appropriate person here at DEKA. Bear in mind that we can’t make any promises regarding confidentiality of e-mail messages or letters.

Does Dean ever do any public speaking? What if my organization wants to invite him to speak at an event?

While Dean does do some public speaking, his schedule makes it difficult for him to accept even a fraction of the invitations he receives. To inquire about Dean’s availability, please send a letter or email to addresses listed above, with some information about your organization, and someone will contact you for further information if there is a possibility that Dean can accommodate your request.

I am a vendor who has a service or product I think DEKA would be interested in. Whom should I contact?

You’re welcome to send us a message at, but for best results, put a packet of information in the mail and address it to: DEKA Research & Development Corp., 340 Commercial Street, Manchester NH 03101. Include an "Attn:" to "electronics purchasing person" or some other department name or description, and we’ll make sure the appropriate person receives your information.

I heard DEKA was working on some technology regarding _______________. Where can I get more information?

Most of the products we’re working on must remain confidential, while in the development phase. However, any information we’re able to share with the public will be on the Products & Technology section of our website.

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