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At DEKA Research & Development Corp. we innovate around core technologies. Most of our projects can be classified under four main categories: Fluid Management, Mobility, Power and Water.

Evolved Thinkers

We are brimming with people who are driven to be among the very best in their respective fields.


DEKA in the News

Luke Prosthetic Arm

DARPA's Mind-Controlled Arm Prosthesis Preps For Commercial Launch

Two years after its FDA approval in 2014, the DARPA-funded LUKE Arm is preparing for a commercial launch later this year.

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iBOT Poised for Comeback

Toyota Motor North America is joining forces with DEKA Research and Development, the company founded by legendary inventor Dean Kamen, to support mobility solutions for the disabled community.

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POLITICO Article Image on the Manchester Millyard

How a 19th-Century Town Became a New Millennium Marvel

Once the world’s textile leader, Manchester had to let go of the past before it could move forward.

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